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5. BisonTrooper   (24.09.2014 18:20)
Could you rip these Street Fighter movie sprites with proper colors, please???

-Chun Li

I'll be extremely thankful.

Love the site.
Ответ: Thous sprites was ripped in not standart-colors bacause this colors sometimes similar to skin color and in future work can create problems wiz recoloring chars in mugen(for examp).
Green or blue colors more easy recolor in photoshop.
so i willnot rip them again )

4. Borewood2013   (25.07.2014 16:23)
Do you know how to rip sprites from 2DFM95 games please?
I use sprite_sound_ripper.exe to rip from 2DFM2nd games not working for 2DFM95 games.
Like this 2DFM95 game: http://www.2dbatlle.sakura.ne.jp/neclos.html
Thank you.
Ответ: no i dont
didnt work wiz it

3. Инга   (13.04.2014 22:20)
Спасибо большое, очень пригодились эффекты с зацикленным дымом )

2. sprite [sprite-ripper]   (17.05.2013 16:36)
yes - its new book

1. guest book?   (17.05.2013 06:53)
hello? Is this the guestbook for your sprite ripping site? I like your sprite ripping site...